WIRES-X Policies

The following are WMDRA Policies pertaining to the NE-OREGON WIRES-X Room:

  • All other courtesy and etiquette standards and policies apply to the NE-OREGON room.
  • The name of the “room” is NE-OREGON or Northeast Oregon. It shall remain that way due to tradition.
  • Anyone who would like, may park a node in the room. It is asked that if you wish to leave it there permanently that you contact us and let us know. Approval is not needed, we just like to know who’s in here.
  • WMDRA WIRES-X Repeaters are locked into the NE-OREGON room and can not be moved by non-members.
  • If your node, gateway or repeater is in our room we ask that you enforce our policies while it is in our room. If you need to vary temporarily from one of our policies, we ask that you move your node from the room.