General WMDRA Policies

The following are policies enacted by the WMDRA which apply to all members and users while utilizing our systems.

  1. The Weston Mountain Digital Radio Association does not tolerate the use of it’s systems by militias or any other anti-government groups. This is one of our number one policies that our entire group agrees wholeheartedly on. We don’t promote any political or religious faction, but do regard ourselves as members of this nation and are proud to be. We feel these groups are the antiphasis of what The United States of America stands for.
  2. Our group does not have official affiliations with other clubs or ARES groups. We have a couple of groups who have been with us for a long time and helped us, but even they have no official designation. They are simply friends.
  3. While using our systems, we require that the “3 don’ts” are observed.
  4. All are welcome on our system. We don’t permit discrimination based on race, creed, nationality, religion or lack thereof, gender or gender identity, age, sexual orientation, disability.
  5. We do not permit our system to be commandeered by anyone or any organization for any reason. Emergency traffic always takes priority per FCC rules, other than that our system will be free from outside interference and available to all.
  6. If someone has a personal emergency, simply state so and either call for who you need or put out a distress call.
  7. In the event of a true declared emergency we will follow our Comprehensive Emergency Plan.
  8. We accept donations of money and equipment under the condition of it being “no strings attached”. You can’t give equipment or money and say it is specifically to be used for something. When you donate anything we reserve the right to use it however we see fit. We appreciate any and all donations, but we must kindly say no thank you if you add conditions. This would allow outside control of our group and we are strongly against that. Either way though, we thank you for your consideration.
  9. It is the general policy of WMDRA to not allow nets on the digital system, and rarely are they allowed on the Analog, but those requesting may do so in writing via email and the request will be considered by our membership.

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