W7NEO-RPT2 Digital Chandler Butte Repeater 147.320

Chandler, as we so affectionately refer to it, was our latest repeater project. This site turned out to be an exceptionally long wait, but one we all felt was well worth it. This site fills in a few missing spots and increases our Washington coverage to include the Tri-Cities, lower Yakima Valley, and parts of Yakima, along with a good portion of Highway 395.

LocationChandler Butte (I82 between Prosser and Benton City)
OffsetPositive 0.6MHz
PL ToneNone
LinkingWires-X to NE-Oregon Room (40289)
ModeC4FM/Yaesu Digital Fusion ONLY
Repeater Make/ModelYaesu DR-2X
Elevation2040 ft
AntennaSinclair SC246 
Antenna Height60 ft
Control OperatorsEric Ramirez (K7ELJ) PRIMARY
Will Studer (N7WSY)
Lynn Wilson (K7LW)
Mark Ashby (K7NGM)

Coverage Map