W7NEO-RPT2 Digital Cabbage Hill Repeater 444.975

The “Cabbage Hill 975” repeater is our adopted site. It was previously part of another club and that club disbanded. It later went completely off the air due to equipment failure. We replaced the old analog repeater which had been off the air for a number of years with a new Fusion repeater and placed it back on the air as part of our C4FM digital voice system.

LocationCabbage Hill (I84 20 miles E of Pendleton near the weigh station)
OffsetPositive 5MHz
PL Tone
ModeC4FM Fusion
Repeater Make/ModelYaesu DR-2X
Elevation3562 ft
AntennaSuper Station Master
Antenna Height34 ft
Control Operator
Lynn Wilson (K7LW)

Coverage Map