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John Vocht
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I have lived in the small rural community of Burbank, Washington my entire life. Graduated from Columbia High School in Burbank in 1967. Have been an Amateur Radio Operator since 1980.  Have experience electroplating

circuit boards for a Company called Futronix years ago.

Spent most of my working years in Retail stocking

shelves and was last an auto parts delivery driver for

O'reilly Auto Parts out of Kennewick, WA

I am currently retired.

Call Sign
License Class
Amateur Extra
Approx. Date Licensed
Icom - 707 HF rig Swan 500 - C for backup Radio Shack - HTX-10 (Ten Meter mobile) Radio Shack - HTX - 202 handy talkie Radio Shack - HTX 404 handy talkie Anytone 778uv dual band as secondary base Icom - 207 H dual band base Icom - 207 H dual band mobile
Bands/Repeaters/Frequencies Regularly Used
Monitor 3960 KHz Columbia Basin Net Monitor 145.390 MHz W7UPS repeater Monitor 441.700 MHz W7NEO repeater
Handheld Capabillities
70cm (440MHz)
2m (144Mhz)
Mobile Capabillities
70cm (440MHz)
2m (144Mhz)
Base Station Capabillites
70cm (440MHz)
2m (144Mhz)
10m (28MHz)
20m (14MHz)
40m (7MHz)
80m (3.5MHz)
Portable Capabillities
Portable Battery Power
70cm (440MHz)
2m (144Mhz)
Users of the W7NEO system. You will hear the folks on the various repeaters of the Weston Mountain Digital Radio Association.
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