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Since first receiving my Novice license as a young High School student, Ham Radio has been a guiding light in many of my life’s career choices both civilian and military. I spent nearly 45 years combined in service to my community while working in various flavors of technical and engineering support for both the Federal Government, the Military, and the private sector. I’ve traveled a good portion of both the world and this great country of ours primarily for the various positions which I’ve held over the years. Along the way I have been both privileged and humbled to have met some truly amazing people in my travels. I have been privy to have worked with both complex and fascinating electronic systems, while being able to pass along my experiences to those just beginning in their own careers. Now days being retired I have more time to enjoy the simple things in life such as a nice long ride on my Harley down a quiet back road, or enjoying a tall cold glass of iced tea while relaxing on my deck on a warm summers day with my best gal. I also have more time to explore and learn about this wonderful hobby of Ham Radio by building repeaters, exploring new technologies in communications, teaching others, and meeting more amazing folks on the airways. It’s been an absolutely incredible journey which I have deeply cherished. 
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Yeasu FT-5000MP, Elecraft K3, IC-746, FT-847, FTM-400, FTM-300, along with an assortment of classic rigs from 40's thru the 1980's.
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Bands/Repeaters/Frequencies Regularly Used
HF, WiresX, D-Star, local analog repeaters.
Handheld Capabillities
70cm (440MHz)
2m (144Mhz)
C4FM/Yaesu Fusion
Mobile Capabillities
70cm (440MHz)
1.25m (220MHz)
2m (144Mhz)
6m (50MHz)
Base Station Capabillites
70cm (440MHz)
1.25m (220MHz)
2m (144Mhz)
6m (50MHz)
10m (28MHz)
12m (24MHz)
15m (21MHz)
17m (18MHz)
20m (14MHz)
30m (10MHz)
40m (7MHz)
60m (5MHz)
80m (3.5MHz)
160m (1.8MHz)
Backup Power
C4FM/Yaesu Fusion
Users of the W7NEO system. You will hear the folks on the various repeaters of the Weston Mountain Digital Radio Association.
Members of the Weston Mountain Digital Radio Association
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