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I am a Network Engineer and Cyber Security Professional by day. I absolutely love what I do and am always learning. I am Cisco CCNP x 2 (Enterprise, Security) & DevNet Professional certified. I am currently studying for my Offensive Security OSCP, Cisco CCIE Enterprise, and Cisco CCIE Security certifications. I live in the country and am married to the love of my life. I have 3 kids, 2 dogs, 2 cats, and am living my best life! When I'm not eyeballs deep in technology I like to spend time with my family hiking, exploring in the mountains, relaxing at the beach, fishing, and just enjoying the outdoors.
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FT-991a, Comet GP9, Buckmaster OFC 8 band dipole, FT-2DR
Bands/Repeaters/Frequencies Regularly Used
W7NEO System
Handheld Capabillities
70cm (440MHz)
2m (144Mhz)
C4FM/Yaesu Fusion
Base Station Capabillites
70cm (440MHz)
2m (144Mhz)
6m (50MHz)
10m (28MHz)
12m (24MHz)
15m (21MHz)
17m (18MHz)
20m (14MHz)
30m (10MHz)
40m (7MHz)
60m (5MHz)
80m (3.5MHz)
160m (1.8MHz)
C4FM/Yaesu Fusion
Portable Capabillities
70cm (440MHz)
2m (144Mhz)
C4FM/Yaesu Fusion
Users of the W7NEO system. You will hear the folks on the various repeaters of the Weston Mountain Digital Radio Association.
Members of the Weston Mountain Digital Radio Association
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