General WMDRA Policies

The following are policies enacted by the WMDRA which apply to all members and users while utilizing our systems. IAW FCC rules and regulations the WMDRA reserves the right to ban anyone who willfully disregards our guidelines and policies, and/or FCC rules and regulations.

  1. The Weston Mountain Digital Radio Association does not tolerate the use of it’s systems by militias or any other anti-government groups. This is one of our number one policies that our entire group agrees wholeheartedly on. We don’t promote any political or religious faction, but do regard ourselves as members of this nation and are proud to be. We feel these groups are the antiphasis of what The United States of America stands for.
  2. Our group does not have official affiliations with other clubs or ARES groups. We have a couple of groups who have been with us for a long time and helped us, but even they have no official designation. They are simply friends.
  3. While using our systems, we require that the “3 don’ts” are observed.
  4. All are welcome on our system. We don’t permit discrimination based on race, creed, nationality, religion or lack thereof, gender or gender identity, age, sexual orientation, disability.
  5. We do not permit our system to be commandeered by anyone or any organization for any reason. Emergency traffic always takes priority per FCC rules, other than that our system will be free from outside interference and available to all.
  6. If someone has a personal emergency, simply state so and either call for who you need or put out a distress call.
  7. In the event of a true declared emergency we will follow our Comprehensive Emergency Plan.
  8. We accept donations of money and equipment under the condition of it being “no strings attached”. You can’t give equipment or money and say it is specifically to be used for something. When you donate anything we reserve the right to use it however we see fit. We appreciate any and all donations, but we must kindly say no thank you if you add conditions. This would allow outside control of our group and we are strongly against that. Either way though, we thank you for your consideration.
  9. It is the general policy of the WMDRA to limit the conducting of net operation on the W7NEO repeater system. However, requests to conduct nets may be submitted via email to the WMDRA, and will be reviewed by the association, and groups linked into the system. Final approval will be based upon the determination of the value, legitimacy, and service to the Amateur Radio community of the proposed net.

WIRES-X Policies

The following are WMDRA Policies pertaining to the NE-OREGON WIRES-X Room:

  • All other courtesy and etiquette standards and policies apply to the NE-OREGON room.
  • The name of the “room” is NE-OREGON or Northeast Oregon. It shall remain that way due to tradition.
  • Anyone who would like, may park a node in the room. It is asked that if you wish to leave it there permanently that you contact us and let us know. Approval is not needed, we just like to know who’s in here.
  • WMDRA WIRES-X Repeaters are locked into the NE-OREGON room and can not be moved by non-members.
  • If your node, gateway or repeater is in our room we ask that you enforce our policies while it is in our room. If you need to vary temporarily from one of our policies, we ask that you move your node from the room.

The three “Don’ts” explained

Every now and then you’ll hear me, or one of the other folks pointing out to individuals that visit the NE-OREGON room that we like to abide by “The Three Don’ts.” By that I am referring to:

            Don’t Discuss – Sex

            Don’t Discuss – Politics

            Don’ t Discuss – Religion

Although there are a few individuals that may disagree with this policy, for the most part everyone understands and most appreciate the request. But I get the impression that there still needs to be some clarity with regards to my statement about staying clear of the three don’ts while on the W7NEO repeaters. To be clear, I’m not talking political correctness by any stretch, and those that know me know that I’m anything but politically correct. All I’m saying is to just show some consideration for others on the system that may or may not share your opinions let alone wish to debate them on the repeater. That said, here is my interpretation of just what defines the three don’ts:


Unlike the other two, this is the one I think bares the least amount of wiggle room. The idea here is that sex in general is a very private thing between two adults. So, bear in mind that when you’re using one of our repeaters, you’re most likely covering an area that at a minimum has over a hundred miles of average coverage. So, the possibility of your having an audience of more than a dozen or so individuals is pretty good.  Out of that group it’s also a pretty good assumption that there are going to be women, and even children who really would rather not hear a detailed account of your recent weekend spent with the twenty something year old yoga instructor. So please be aware of that, and when you get to your local watering hole, or poker night, then would probably be a better time to share your sexploits with the guys.


We all have our own unique interpretation of life after death, and the spirit world in general. To say that most folks are very passionate about this and take their views as seriously as they do personally would be a gross understatement. So, to openly ridicule someone for their spiritual belief, or even lack thereof, would be not only exceptionally rude, but personally disrespectful, and just down right insulting to that individual, or group of individuals. So, when it comes to a repeater, try to show some respect for others’ beliefs by not using the repeaters as a bully pit in order to push your own beliefs, or to openly ridicule the beliefs of others’. I’m not saying it’s not okay to let folks know about a fund-raising event your church might be having, comment on a particularly great time you had while attending services that weekend, or even referring to a loved one that passed from this world to the next. That’s perfectly acceptable. But if you feel the need to “preach” or to “ridicule” the beliefs of others, or non-believers, please don’t use our repeaters in order to propagate your particular viewpoint. Instead, just as a suggestion, make yourself up a sandwich board displaying whatever rhetoric you choose to spread, find yourself a street corner, and understand if I happen across that street corner I act as though we’ve never met…


To say that now days we as a nation are as divided as we’ve ever been, is to say the least a gross understatement. If you really need an example of that just look back at the events of January 6th , 2021that took place at our nation’s capital. That said, most folks nowadays are very passionate with regards to their personal political views. So much so, it really doesn’t take much, and a simple political discussion can turn physical or worse. Referring to my earlier statement, on repeaters like ours the coverage is such that when you key the mic it’s a better than average possibility that allot of other people are hearing you. Out of those hearing you it’s also a good possibility that not everyone will share your particular political views, let alone be all that interested in hearing those views over their local Ham Radio repeaters. Now I’m not saying we can’t complain about the government, and how much we may feel is, or is not a reasonable level of fleecing when it comes to taxation. Or which law on the books makes sense and which law seems to have had it’s original drafting in the local mental institution. But when it begins to get personal such as those <INSERT PROFANITY HERE> Liberals or Conservatives, or this president or that president needs to be drummed out of office. At that point it’s gone a tad beyond what constitutes acceptable political commentary and is well into the outright personally insulting territory. So please don’t use the repeaters as your own personal campaign podium for your political party’s candidate, or general agenda.

Also remember, as in the case of any other organization, if you don’t pay your dues, you don’t have the right to a say. So, if you don’t vote you really don’t have the right to complain about our government. Yes, it’s that simple.

So, there you have it, the “Three Don’ts” explained. I hope this helps to clarify just what is really meant by observing the Three Don’ts while on the W7NEO repeater system. By adhering to these simple guidelines, you’ll help make our repeaters a considerably nicer place for folks to hang out and have fun meeting and getting to know one another through good conversation. Within the W7NEO repeater system we are purposely pretty lax when it comes to rules while on our system. Along with the Three Don’ts all we ask is that users abide by part 97 of the FCC rules and regulations, along with the accepted standards of good repeater etiquette. So please enjoy the repeaters that allot of really great people worked hard to put on the air and enjoy one of the primary benefits of this great hobby of ours, the people!

Lynn, K7LW