W7NEO-RPT2 Digital Roosevelt Repeater 145.190

The Roosevelt repeater was the second repeater to go up. It was a group effort by members and users of the system. It increased the range of the W7NEO C4FM/Yaesu Fusion System significantly. There are plans/hopes of elevating the antenna higher on the 100ft tower it is located on.

LocationHillside above Roosevelt, WA
OffsetNegative 0.6MHz
PL ToneNone
LinkingWires-X to NE-Oregon Room (40289)
ModeC4FM/Yaesu Digital Fusion ONLY
Repeater Make/ModelYaesu DR-2
Elevation1737 ft
AntennaCommander Tech 220-2N
Antenna Height40 ft
Control Operators:Eric Ramirez (K7ELJ) PRIMARY
Lynn Wilson (K7LW)
Will Studer (N7WSY)

Coverage Map