W7NEO Analog Weston Mountain Repeater 441.700

The analog repeater on Weston Mountain is somewhat of an experimental repeater. The hope is for it to one day be connected via AllStar node.

If you aren’t familiar with AllStar, you can find more here.

LocationWeston Mountain (above Weston, OR)
OffsetPositive 5MHz
PL Tone131.8Hz
LinkingNone (yet)
ModeFM Analog
Repeater Make/ModelKenwood TKR-850
Elevation2950 ft
AntennaSuper Station Master
Antenna Height35 ft
Control OperatorsLynn Wilson (K7LW) PRIMARY
Eric Ramirez (K7ELJ)
Will Studer (N7WSY)
Mark Ashby (K7NGM)

Coverage Map